Purification and Distillation

We have developed a unique Pilot Distillation Setup to solve critical distillation problems of customers through creative solutions in Chemical Separations/Solvent Separations.

In partnership-based cooperation with our customers, we develop treatment solutions for exquisite industrial sectors today. With over 9 years of experience in different branches and applications, we can competently fulfill specific demands.

PAL Engineering Solutions has been designing and manufacturing Columns and Towers complete with all internals and accessories for distillation, absorption and extraction. We undertake designing of single equipment to commissioning of the whole unit. Our esteemed clients are kept in touch at each stage of process calculation, validation of data & results, detailed design, GA drawing, process simulation if needed, engineering drawings and design package (process & mechanical) including specifications. We also provide complete distillation systems according to customer's specifications and requirements.

Efficient and cost-effective solutions are provided for

  • • Azeotropic Distillation
  • • Batch / Continuous Distillation
  • • Extractive Distillation
  • • Laboratory Distillation
  • • Reactive Distillation
  • • Vacuum Distillation

Pilot Distillation Setup

We have Installed Pilot Distillation Setup which is unique facility for Fractional Distillation to verify our Theoretical Calculations with Practical Experiments to give 100% Effective and economical Solutions to Our Customers .

Details of Pilot Distillation Setup

  • • Plant Capacity- 15 Lit
  • • NO of Stages-75
  • • Heating System (Media) - Thermic Fluid Heating
  • • Heating Temparature-250°C
  • • Pressure – Atmospheric, multi-Pressure, Vacuum.

Some of product Experience Which Were Successfully Separated Using Fractional Distillation

  • • Ammonia water Recovery System
  • • Acetonitrile and water Separations with minimum Energy and highest Purity of 99.95 % on Commercial Scale
  • • Ethanol water Separation
  • • Methanol Water Separation
  • • IPA Water Separation
  • • 2,6 xylenol- Phenol Separations
  • • 2,3,6 Tri Methyl Phenol – 2,5 Xylenol Separation
  • • 2, 6 xylenol -2, 3 Xylenol Separations.
  • • Methanol-Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)-Water Separation System
  • • Ethyl acetate (EA)-Water-Ethanol Separation System
  • • ONT-MNT-PNT isomer Separation System
  • • Multipurpose solvent recovery system
  • • High vacuum distillation of phenolic isomers.